Beautiful Bows for Weddings

Bows are always romantic, and therefore are a natural element to include in a wedding. They can be used to enhance everything from the wedding gown to the bouquets to the reception decor. Though often traditional, bows can also be used in ways that are fresh and contemporary. This is a look at the many ways in which you can use beautiful bows to make your wedding even more special.

Classic brides will enjoy the tailored bows on wedding gowns, just as they love wedding favorites like sets of pearl bridal jewelry, roses, and string quartets. Bows on a dress are the perfect accompaniment to classic accessories such as pearl bridal jewelry sets. These bows are often small and streamlined, running down the back of a simple silk wedding gown. They may be the only ornamentation on the gown, or the bows can accent details like bustled train or one with pick up details.

Bows are also being shown in very chic and dramatic ways. Perhaps one of the most sophisticated would have to be the Fall 2010 Vera Wang bridal gowns which are accented with black bows in a sheer fabric. Nobody could accuse those bows of being old-fashioned or too sweet! Oversized bows on wedding gowns have also returned, but they are being used in more stylish ways than the past. One statement-making bow can adorn the hip of a silk taffeta wedding dress, or a chiffon bow can cascade over the shoulder of a trendy one shoulder gown. Unlike in the past, the impressive bows are allowed to be an integral part of the design of the gown, rather than one more embellishment tacked onto a gown already loaded with lace, beading, and other adornments. This is what keeps the look contemporary.

The wedding reception will offer plenty of additional opportunities to “tie one on” (a bow, that is!). Think about slipcovered chairs wrapped with a pretty organza bow in a contrasting color or ribbons wrapped around each tier of the wedding cake. A fantastic cake topper is a dramatic fondant “bow” with streamers cascading down the tiers of the cake. Once you get started, you will find that there are many wonderful ways in which to decorate your wedding with bows.


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